Monday, September 17, 2007

Pattern Gnomes!

During our move, things that I have deemed necessary (i.e.: camera battery charger, iPod sync cable, loose WIP patterns) got shuffled. We moved mid-July, and here I was, mid-September, about to lose my mind.

After finishing the Dream in Color shrug, I wanted to cast on a Ribbi Cardi out of (yet more) Tess overdyed yarn. I knew where the yarn was, but all of the loose patterns that I've purchased in the last year were in one place (ahem, not in a binder), and all AWOL. I have been hunting for the box that has been hiding these treasures for about two weeks, and * may * have dissolved into a fit of exhausted tears after an all-afternoon (and all-evening) hunt proved fruitless.

(I may have accused Pattern Gnomes of stealing my loose patterns for profit.)

So, what does a girl do? She calls on Andrew. I asked him to help me hunt through the handful of remaining boxes, and he did. In the process of hunting, I found my favorite commuter mug, my iPod accessories box, and my camera accessories. Joy! Rapture! (There also may have been some squealing.)

I ended up in my office, and there they were, buried under a couple of "desk" boxes. (My desk is still at the old place, being staged.) I did a dance, emptied two huge boxes, and pulled my Ribbi Cardi pattern out to be swatched and cast on in the very near future.

(The Ribbi Cardi is getting cast on after I'm done plying the yarn for my Peacock Plumes shawl. That should be by Wednesday or Thursday, for anyone playing the home game.)

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