Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Peacocks, Part Deux

The peacock yarn has been spun, plied, and set. It is a lovely laceweight (equivalent to Zephyr), and the most appetizing color of anti-freeze green. Needless to say, I love it.


At the Monterey Wool Auction, I ran into Sheri (of Morro Fleece Works), and she asked me how I liked the feathers. They were, apparently, a cool experiment. I told her the truth.

"Well, I thought 'peacock feathers' was spinning slang for something. I was a little surprised that it was actual feathers!" I said.

Sheri let me know that if she ever sent me anything that did not meet expectations, to ship it right back to her, and I replied with, "Oh, I love the roving! I'm just a boring spinner."

At this point, Colleen walks up behind me and says, "Oh, you mean the Peacock Pubes?" Not realizing that the woman I was talking to was the one who I bought it from.

I may have turned all shades of red, and sputtered, "It just came out! We were punchy!"

Sheri was a terrific sport about it, and laughed, which was a relief. I let her know that Colleen was using the second bump as-is, pubey feathers and all, but mine was destined for lace, and the feathers weren't in that plan.

So, for your viewing pleasure, set and dried in my beautiful backyard:

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