Thursday, September 7, 2006

The Sunshine Ribbon Shell

This project has MAYBE two evenings worth of work left in it. It is a beautiful shade of golden sunshine yellow, and I had originally intended to have it finished by Maryland Sheep & Wool. I got it completed up to the armholes and then… couldn't finish it in time.

It happens.

As part of my UFO jihad, after I cast off the Harlot Red ribbon shell (same pattern, I'm boring and it looks amazing on me), I picked up the Sunshine shell. I still love the color.

I was re-enamored of this project, and in a fit of glory and enthusiasm, walked into the bathroom to see how the color would flatter me. I'd already picked out what to wear with it, but I wanted to revel in its' beauty and splendor.

Oh. My. God.

I looked like I had jaundice. I was finished with the back and about to start the neck shaping. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I had to think fast. I showed all of the MOTPS [Minions Of The Pointy Sticks] the top, hoping the color would flatter someone. The only one it flattered was Cynthia. Who is at least 6-8 inches taller than me, and considerably bustier.

What to do? I called Melinda of Tess Yarns. I mentioned how popular the color was when I was working on the top at Stitches West, and then I said:

"Can you overdye the top so that I don't look dead in it?"

So, after SW 2007, I will be the proud owner of the Ribbon-Top-Formerly-Known-As-Sunshine.

I think I may draw it a symbol.

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