Monday, September 18, 2006

Knitters Gone Wild!

That's right- what do you get when you combine wool, wine and women?


Unfortunately, Snoop Dog couldn't join us to do the videotaping, so you'll have to deal with my pictures and (very brief) synopsis.


Wake up at 7:30. People are supposed to be at the house by 8:00. Brush teeth, put on clothes, pack like a madwoman.

8:30: Start packing the van.
8:45: Start rolling.
9:00: Mandatory Starbucks run, since it's by the onramp.
9:15- 1:00 PM: Drive to Auburn. Take the wrong exit, because it's counter-intuitive. Get back on track, see a deer, see llamas, get to Knitters' Paradise (aka, Auntie C's house).

There were kittens, which provided loads of entertainment and snuggling

There was cake!

And, of course, there were Minions

There was much knitting and eating- and the charming L was there. By the end of the weekend we made her a Minion. It was glorious.

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