Thursday, September 21, 2006

In Praise of Men and Their Tools

Andrew is a rockin' stud. It's a given. Want to know what kind of mad skills this man has?

He re-plumbed the laundry room, fixing a leak. He replaced the copper pipes. By himself. Check it out.

He patched the hole he made to fix the pipes. (No picture. It looks like a wall. Not very exciting.)

He's unclogged the bathtub in our bathroom, and now he is working on replacing both upstairs bathroom fans.

The amazing thing is the time schedule that this has all been accomplished in.

9/14- Fixed Pipes
9/15- Ended Internship
9/16- Fixed Wall
9/17- Unclogged bathtub
9/18-20- Worked on Bathroom fans

We had to call an electrician to come in tonight because we decided that with the aluminum wiring that our little house has, we should call a professional instead of risking Andrew's life. Sentimental me, I'm a little attached to the fella. What can I say?

I used to think that the sexiest sight was a man in the kitchen. I think I may be shifting that to a man in a toolbelt.

[Sidenote: I have a GREAT picture of Andrew in an apron, but in order to keep this blog family-friendly, and in an effort to preserve my marriage, I can't post it. It's very Georgia O'Keefe, and he didn't realize I took it, despite my hysterical cackling. It also took him a minute to realize what it was when he was loading the pictures onto the computer. Bwa ha ha. Just think. This man is lucky enough to be married to a lunatic like me.]

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