Monday, September 25, 2006

It Is Too Small

So very, very, very much too small.

No, blocking won't help. You may ask, "Jasmin, did you swatch?"

Yes. The math LIED. Evil, betrayer math! If you compare the Alice Starmore Gansey to it, Andrew's sweater was more…. my size. However, on the good side, the ASG fits perfectly.

So, I started working on the ASG again, and I'm finding that I'm enjoying working on it tremendously, and it's not as difficult as I remember it being. The bonus of the ASG is that it's about halfway up the armhole (front and back- I'm planning on steeking the armholes and the neck), which means it's pretty close to being done.

I have noticed that it's not as easy to work on a navy blue sweater with a changing stitch pattern. This wasn't a problem three years ago, but now I need much better light.

The pattern itself is rather soothing in it's predictability. Left-leaning diagonals, diamonds, arrows, pseudo-cable thingy, diamonds, arrows, right leaning diagonals. The charts are intelligently written (except for the minor error, but I figured that one out early on), and the armhole gussets are flat-out sexy. When I was in college, I couldn't find someone to understand and appreciate the sheer sexiness of the gussets, but now I have the MOTPS to marvel over the sexiness that is the armhole gussets.

So here's the plan for Christmas- we're planning on doing low-budget, handmade gifts (we have a remodel we're planning for after the holidays, which is going to cost us some lettuce), and Andrew asked for one of his UFO sweaters to be finished, and for two pairs of socks. He was realistic in his expectations, since my job keeps inconveniently interfering with my knitting time. So, I've gotten started on both pairs of socks, and put about an inch on the sweater over the weekend.

What's going to happen with the Lisa Souza Fair Isle? I'm using it as a giant swatch and I'm going to start from the beginning.

Now, I will leave you with a "purl" of wisdom, from my mother:

"As ye knit, so shall ye rip."

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