Saturday, September 23, 2006

Readers, Meet Madam

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Madam

Madam, meet my readers. She will be my lovely assistant as long as I have actual garments (rather than just socks) finished that require photography. Today she is modeling my completed Harlot Red ribbon tank.

Due to time/sunlight constraints, as well as a record number of questionable hair days, Madam will be my lovely model. Yes, by the time Andrew gets home after work, I look like I've been hit by a train, and there is like 10 seconds of daylight left.

I know, my readers are smart. They say, "Jasmin, why not take pictures on Saturday or Sunday?"

Silly reader. I don't wear makeup on the weekend. [EXCEPTION: I wore makeup to the Yarn Harlot thingie at Full Thread Ahead. You'll notice in the photo that I wore my completed Harlot Red Ribbon top. I looked dead in it without makeup.]

Madam, reliable thing that she is, has been infinitely more consistent in her appearance. She has that ultimately "natural" look, and it suits her. No head = no dark circles under her eyes.

You may look at her and think "My, isn't she lopsided!" I, too, expressed some concern over her appearance (I * may * have called her "Quasimodo") when I asked Mom if I could borrow her. Mom assures me that all Madam needs is a few good screws and some yoga in order to have her back in womanly shape. If Andrew can't get her properly screwed and bent, I will order a newer, prettier model.

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