Friday, September 30, 2005

TV on DVD to knit by

At the request of my aunt, I am posting a list of my favorite TV shows to knit by. I don't watch a whole lot of live TV anymore, since I hate commercials, and Netflix makes it nice and easy to live commercial free. Relatively.

Awesome shows

The West Wing. I've only seen the first four seasons, but the writing is just great. Even though Leo McGarry is a racist asshole, the rest of the senior staff is brilliant and GORGEOUS. I really like how they made President Bartlett super smart. I like his style.

Dead Like Me - A little gory, but good. The premise is that the main character is killed by a toilet seat falling from a Russian space station, and she becomes a grim reaper. It's kind of dark, but funny. Not ok for young audiences.

Law & Order- It's violent, it's dark, but they catch the bad guys most of the time, and there are bunches of Broadway actor cameos- especially in SVU. Not kid-friendly.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation- Las Vegas, the original series. Good story, terrible dialog, but William Petersen is soooo hot.

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