Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Digging in the UFO basket

So, last night I thought to myself, "I know that I have more than one pair of fingering weight socks on the needles." So I went into the garage, where the UFO basket and bins are.

For those of you who are curious, the UFO basket is the one that I'm trying to empty in order to transition WIPs that have been "timed out" out of bins and into the basket. Eventually, all projects should get finished this way. In theory. If only theory applied to my knitting whims.

I came across two pairs of socks that were more than half done that I started in South Dakota last summer, for Andrew. Just FYI, I got razzed at XRX about knitting socks, but by the end of summer, most of the people who razzed me were knitting socks. Muah ah ah.

They're both Regia socks, and both are from the Braid Box closing sale (less than $2/ball). I've been on a finishing kick lately- mostly to free my needles for other projects, and absolve my knitting soul for needless but AWESOME purchases.

I will also be finishing a pair of charity baby sockies made of Fancy Image Yarns Superwash Merino so that I can free those needles up to knit Constance's birthday socks out of this month's Yarn of the Month from Fancy Image.

I really like my little project progress monitors, and it looks like the percentage bars aren't up and running. So this is it for now as far as blog changes are concerned.

ETA for the Watermelon and Hogwarts yarn is about 2 weeks. Woo!

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