Friday, September 23, 2005

Finding FO's

I was digging around, looking for my copy of Ponchos & Wraps- a Knitter's dozen and I found a pair of socks that I finished knitting last school year, but didn't have the ends woven in yet, and a pair where one was in a knitting bag and the other was in the "lonely sock" bag (where single socks go to meet their mates). Woo! That's two more pairs off the needles and in the drawer.

I've been on a general finishing kick lately, finishing old projects, and finishing books that I want to get off of my bookshelf. I'm not really a collector of general fiction; some books are just a one-time read for me. I have fiction that I'm still attached to, like the Anita Blake series, and the Diana Gabaldon Jaime & Claire series. Lord John's book was good, too, but ultimately not a favorite.

I've finished House of Sand & Fog, Caucasia, and I'm working on Memoirs of a Geisha.

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