Tuesday, September 13, 2005

A shift in focus

I've decided that I'm going to be true to the name of the blog and blog about my knitting, since there is not much else going on. Work is always the same (usually), so I'll be posting pics of Works In Progress (WIPs) and Finished Objects (FOs).

I just finished reading She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb, and it was okay. It was good writing, but so very sad and so very L-O-N-G. I'm finishing House of Sand and Fog, even though I know it turns out badly for the Persian family. I just want them off of my bookshelf, not half-read, being a book-cancer.

Knitting News and Reviews

I've hit a finishing kick, I've finished 2 ribbon tops, and like 4 pairs of socks in the last month. I also de-stashed a bit (a la Cynthia), and orded some of the new Opal Rainforest series . Although I ordered one ball of this from Yarnzilla and the rest on Ebay (total cost per ball on ebay including shipping= $10.50), I found Yarnzilla to be quick and well worth their flat $5 shipping.

I ordered the Opal on Ebay instead for the most part because I don't like the business practices of the US distributor. She tells retailors to mark up the yarn to $15/skein , when she's selling it to them at $11/skein. The gal I ordered mine from is from New Zealand Astrid's Dutch Obsessions(review upon reciept of the yarn), thus sidestepping said evil distributor.

I am currently actively working on some socks made from "Honeymoon Yarn"- stuff I bought in Seattle. I'll post the photos Andrew took of my Seattle haul in the hotel. It covered the bed, wait till you see!

Specifically, the yarn I'm using is the Regia Jubilee Series because Cynthia wanted to buy a bunch of it, and I use less than half of the ball. I also paid like $6.50/ball for it, because the yarn store I got it at catered to scarf knitters, rather than long-term knitters. I also got 10 or 15% off because of the amount that I purchased. It's super popular now, from what I understand from the knitting buzz.

In other news, Elphie attempted knitting socks yesterday while I wasn't home. From the looks of things, she got frustrated with her lack of opposable thumbs, and tangled four balls of sock yarn around the living room. She takes after her mother, braving heights to get at yarn; she climbed up on the CAL chair, and yanked it off of the bookshelf.

More later, and hopefully photos!

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