Monday, September 19, 2005

Review- Astrid's Dutch Obsessions Order

I placed an order on Ebay to "Astrid's Dutch Obsessions" for 8 balls of Opal Sock Yarn, six in the "Rainforest" collection, and two of the Rodeo collection. I placed the order on September 3rd (a Saturday).

It was shipped on the less expensive speed, and arrived on September 13th (six business days). I found this to be particularly speedy, considering that it was the slower speed as well as being sent from New Zealand. The yarn is GORGEOUS and had no odor or issue.

Including shipping, I paid about $10.50 US for each ball, making it 1/3 less expensive than buying it in a store in the US. It's not the shopowners' fault that it's way more expensive here; the US distributor is gouging them, riding the profit wave that is Opal. I think this is a bad idea on the part of the distributor, especially with the internet to offer us international sellers.

I also really like that she sent me an e-mail shortly after my payment went through saying "The package is ready to go out first thing Monday." I like to know that the seller has received payment and isn't sitting on my order.

I give Astrid's Dutch Obsessions my highest recommendations, and will order from her again, once I've destashed enough to justify another sock yarn order. *grin*

Happy International Speak Like A Pirate Day!

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