Sunday, September 25, 2005

FO! Andrew socks!

I finished a pair of Andrew's socks that I started when I was in South Dakota during summer '04.

I really will post photos, I just need to get Andrew to take them when there is good light and my feet are feeling photogenic.

To continue on my finishing kick, I'm going to seam up the Baby Einstein fromThe Knit Stitch I have on my desk that has been haunting me since... March?

Mom, Cynthia and I went to the sale at a local knitting shop, and I bought NOTHING!!! Such self-control. Then we drove to Redwood City to pick up sock yarn from a gal who I bought it from on Ebay (shipping would have cost twice what gas did, without a fraction of the adventure).

Woo for de-stashing and FINISHING!

The way I do socks is bind one off, cast one on, so I've starte the Regia "India" in the Jubilee series.

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