Monday, June 9, 2008

Dear Technology

You may have thought that you had won. I may have admitted some defeat when I bought a book to help me figure out how to use two microphones with the same software. Since you were Apple software, I assumed that if I plug in two separate mics, you would automatically work.

As I learned, GarageBand, you are a plucky strumpet. Exhaustive internet searching yielded terms like “aggregate device” with directions on how to set up said aggregate device. But alas, no amount of microphone positioning would get rid of the satanic-sounding feedback. That was when I turned to the book.

I purchased the Idiot’s Guide to GarageBand. I have no real interest in recording music at this juncture, so about 75% of the book wasn’t relevant to me, but I pushed through. A couple of nights in bed with this book promised to solve all my problems. But, like any fickle creature, you disagreed. Fiddling yielded no success.

But yesterday, I defeated you. Ten feet of distance between mics, recording in mono (NOT in stereo), and monitoring the audio with headphones ended in SUCCESS. Now, Mom and I don’t have to sit on top of each other to both get picked up on the mic, and I can adjust the volume on the individual mics so that my voice doesn’t drown Mom completely out.

Perhaps next time you’ll remember this defeat, and not require the use of my tech-fu on you again.

You’ve been warned.

Your adversary,


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  1. you might wanna get a small 4-channel board in case you start getting guests like SPmcP and the like. It'll make your life MUCH less a pain in the arse.


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