Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A more direct route, perhaps?

Today, I gave blood. This is kind of a big deal for me, since the last two times I tried to give blood I was gored by the person checking my iron levels, only to be told that they were too low to donate.

In preparation for today, I've been taking iron pills. (Sorry, I can't eat enough red meat to keep those levels high, and I'm not organized enough to do it with fish.) The woman checking my iron levels gave me the BAREST of pinpricks (as opposed to stopping when the lancet hit bone), which was - in my mind- a good start.

I sat in the chair with my book (paranormal stuff with vampires and werewolves seemed appropriate), and the phlebotomist attended to me. Last time I donated blood, there was a slight pinch when the needle went in, and then nothing until it was over. Uneventful.

This particular phlebotomist kneaded my arm (like dough) to get my veins to rise nice and clearly, then put in the needle so deeply that I thought that going directly for an artery might be faster than trying to make the needle a central line to it. But, since being polite is my default, I let it go. I can deal with a little discomfort.

When I was finished giving blood, she bandaged me up, and the first thought that crossed my mind was, "Drat. I bet she left a bruise."

You betcha. So, for your reference, I am not a junkie, just a blood donor.

Oh, and I officially submitted my stuff to be part of the bone marrow registry. Not bad for a Tuesday.


  1. Thank you, Jasmin!

    FWIW, though, there's one phlebotomist at our clinic that I flat-out declared was never touching me again. Never. And I've stuck to it.

  2. If you eat eggs for breakfast, it temporarily lowers your blood iron.
    Skipping the eggs was enough to make the difference for me.


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