Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shoe dilemma

On Monday, I went and bought a pair of shoes. These shoes, specifically. (Sorry, couldn't get pictures.)

On Mom's urging, I tried on these other shoes. I kind of loved them, but Jasmin 2008 reared her head and I didn't buy them. But you can bet I've been thinking about them.

So, I'm leaving it to you, readers.


  1. Dilemma, Dishlemma...
    get 'em both!!

  2. Both. But I'm not exactly the picture of restraint!

  3. I love the hidden platform in the second pair. I don't really see them as fetish shoes but that's not a problem anyway. Remember it's all about the shoes and handbag:) Are you thinking about the fuchsia? No I'm not gay, I just appreciate stylish clothes and pretty shoes.

  4. I bought the fuchsia and wore them yesterday. They are FABULOUS!

    Mom thinks that the "hidden platform" pair look like great white [pink] sharks.

  5. Yes, but not in the ombre.

    - You have leetle feet so the white would be ok, but nurse-y
    - Black patent would just jump right in on the fetish tip (not a bad thing)
    - The dark brown would be almost day wear

    Hmmm. I have a similar pair of shoes with a Mary Jane strap in dark brown, and I wore them to work. Looooove the boxy pointed toe!


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