Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Beating the clock

If you've been reading the blog for any length of time, you will have noticed that when I decide to do something, there is no stopping me. Whether it's finding an out-of-print book, or completing a project, it always happens- usually before schedule.

Per Dr. B's instructions to exercise, I've been doing a minimum of half an hour every day. (Notice how I say "minimum". It's been closer to 45 mins- 1hr.) On Monday, I went to the mandatory orientation for the gym at work so that I could start doing time at the gym everyday in lieu of a long, leisurely lunch with WorkHusbandMike.

WHMike was on board on Friday, letting me know he'd be my workout buddy. Come Monday, he was shocked when I insisted on taking the stairs after lunch. (We work on the second floor.)

Those of us in the corporate world know that meetings will be meetings, so WHMike couldn't make it today. So, I went by myself.

I got on the machine, started up the iPod, and did two miles. Mile one took twelve minutes. (This would be the second fastest mile I have done since high school.) Originally, I had decided to do a mile, then get back to the grindstone.


The exercise machines have little LCD data things on them. How many calories you've burned, your time, and the distance you've gone. While I don't care about the calorie bit, watching my distance vs. the time lapsed got my competitive side up and roaring.

I pushed through the stitch in my side (deeeeep breaths!), and did another mile.

In eight and a half minutes. Beating my best time from high school by a minute and a half. That's right. Two miles in UNDER twenty minutes.

I stepped off of the machine, and woo! Light-headed. But, again, I'm feeling really good.

Oh, and it doesn't hurt that my abs and obliques are starting to be all washboard-y.


  1. That is truly impressive. I'm still trying to power my way through a yoga class without pain. Which, for the record, is totally tougher than it looks.

  2. I stand in awe! Well, really I'm sitting but, you know...


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