Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Never a dull moment

First, Niki is doing much better. Our vet is the BEST, and answered all of my neurotic, web-search induced worries. If you live in the Santa Clara/San Jose/Campbell/Los Gatos area, ping me and I'll send you her info.

Niki has colitis, which is much less serious in dogs than in people. Phew. The antibiotics are working wonders, and once this course is done, his colitis will be gone.

Monday, after I returned the rental van, my wallet diappeared. Poof! Gone. Fortunately, nothing irreplaceable was in there (except for some cash, but still, not a huge amount), and so far, nobody has tried to charge anything.

The drag is that I have to get my driver's license replaced. The credit cards are easier. So are the library cards, my Barefoot coffee card, Costco card, and the other stuff I use once every million years.

Upside? I'm going to the DMV first thing in the morning, with my hair done, makeup ON, and ready to be photographed.

In more topical (and fun) news, you can bet I've been spinning. I finished plying and set the Wild Thing:

Here is my next sock-spinning project- it's Crown Mountain's "Twist and Shout". I'm spinning it on the Victoria:

This last one is "Berry Patch" from Angora Cottage. I'm spinning it on the Schacht for a sweater:

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