Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Vicki Howell Signing

Mom, Cynthia, Erica and I (representing the available Minions) all trekked up to Full Thread Ahead to see Vicki Howell and her new line of yarns. We had dinner at a great sushi place up there, and then ambled over to the book-signing.

Now, keep in mind that Vicki's stuff isn't really my speed. I knit things that I consider "classic", and her stuff is just a little out there for me. I also don't like the linking of "punk" with "poorly constructed", or looking poorly constructed. Having said that, it's fairly obvious that I don't have her books.

I watch Knitty Gritty on Tivo, mostly for the guest hosts, and occasionally for the Knitsters. It was clear, from the first episode that I saw that I wasn't the targeted demographic, and Vicki confirmed that. That's cool, I found her more interesting in person than on-screen and incredibly personable.

Hollis is carrying the full line of her yarns, and there is one that I like (for the Swallowtail Shawl from the last IK), but not in a color that appeals for that project. I'm also sticking to le Budget for the time being- Andrew didn't work for two weeks, and I got tiny paychecks for two weeks. So, le Budget is being respected for future fun (like Stitches & Rhinebeck & the little Louet wheel).

(I'm dying to buy some Fleece Artist there, but Hollis has assured me that she will continue carrying both the sock and and Sea Silk, so I don't have to plunge us into debt right now and can wait. In theory.)

This weekend's temptations include TWO Super Bowl sales (GO BEARS!), one at Purlescence, where I will (maybe) pick up some of the new roving for Mom's Persian Carpet Yarn (doesn't feel like a carpet, but the colors are reminiscent of Persian Carpets). I'm torn between Cashmere & Merino or Cashmere & Silk. Maybe I'll do one ply of the mystery stuff, one ply of Cashmere & Merino and one ply of Cashmere & Silk. Maybe.

I'm going to do my best to be good at the FTA sale, but just for your personal information, I knitted both sweaters that I bought the yarn for at the same sale last year in UNDER a year. Boo-ya! I will be wearing the clean one on Sunday.

So, I say, bring on the temptation, and again, GO BEARS!

**Note to readers: There were photos taken at the signing, but they made Vicki look evil. Since she is not evil, they have been deleted for the purpose of fair and balanced representation.

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