Sunday, January 21, 2007


Okay, maybe my spinning isn't super- but it is certainly the right color for watching Superman Returns.

Lisa Souza's "Gendarme":


[After- Navajo Plied]

Superman Returns is another of Brian Singer's brilliant adaptations of comic books.

First, the feel of the movie was perfect. He couldn't have picked a yummier (or more perfectly executed) Clark Kent/Superman than Brandon Routh.

The delightful Mr. Routh was so good as to swiftly turn me into a thirteen year-old girl again- except this time the giggling was coupled with an "Is it warm in here?" (Note: If you've ever been in my living room at night, you know it is arctic. He is really that good.)

I hope that he does audiobooks in the near future, because I could listen to him read the phone book. Seriously.

I loved the rest of the casting- with the exception of the girl who played Lois Lane- she felt like a Natalie Portman knockoff and looked FAR too young to have a five year-old child AND a Pulitzer prize.

Unless I've misjudged and I'm just really far behind in my own career as well as my reproducing-with-a-superhero window.

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