Saturday, February 4, 2006

February, FO's, and stuff

So, my horoscope said to get rid of excess baggage, which means I'm returning the extra Lorna's Laces Sport that I got from the LYS that canned my friend.

Now, normally, I would just find a new home for the yarn, but it's like $100. You may wonder why I ended up ordering about $100 worth of extra yarn. I didn't know I could get a pair of socks out of one ball.

In all reality, I can't get a pair out of one ball, but basically, I can get the second sock down to the toe before the first ball runs out. So, I can go through my stash and stick odds and ends in for the toes, and get back $100 of my money.

I discussed this with the friend who got canned, and she says it's totally okay, because they hosed her. AND, they made that nasty remark that I posted about.

Additionally, I am in the works for getting rid of excess emotional baggage, in the form of the thing I alluded to. So I may be joining the ranks of David, Paul, Kai, and Billy fairly soon. In a totally different capacity than my friends, but still, it'll be freaking AWESOME.

Stitches West is nearly here, and I'm working my fanny off to get the red ribbon top done for Melinda at Tess Yarns. It's coming along really well, and will be a FO before the show. (That rhymes.)

I finished the Cherry Tree Hill Northern Lights socks that had been sitting on my dresser being an UFO since South Dakota, on Jan 31st, but since I'm lazy, I didn't post them until now. So they're officially a February FO.

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