Sunday, January 29, 2006

Reviews, dreams, and FO.

So, just for a quick recap for y'all, Arah's birthday was Friday, and we saw Lion King on Saturday. Lion King is a good show, if you're okay with the sets and costumes holding up an okay show. It was fun, but not my favorite show ever. Worth seeing once.

In it's favor, there was a preponderance of man creases onstage. Mmmm... Speaking of man creases, I've been having wierd dreams.

Weird Dream #1:

I'm pregnant with Nick Stokes (from CSI)'s baby. Grace says that this is from having unsafe sex dreams, and finally it's caught up with me. The weird part of this dream? My stomach feels like there's a tennis ball inside my stomach. Apparently, this is not what actual pregnancy feels like.

Weird Dream #2

I'm at the knitting shop that I spend every Sunday at, but it's set up and as big as a Walgreen's. I'm looking for the new Trekking that Cynthia told me came in, and I'm chain smoking. Why is this weird? I don't smoke, and this is my second dream where I'm a chain smoker. Oh yeah, and smoking around yarn ruins it.


I finished my Tuscany socks. Woo! I now own red socks. And if Joey would ever show up, I could finish his, too. I love knitting socks; they get done so quickly and I wear them every day. Wooo!

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