Friday, February 10, 2006

My dog loves Patsy Cline, and FO

So, this morning, as I was getting ready for work, Niki demanded affection. So, I started singing to him (because he demanded on being the center of attention), and I was singing Patsy Cline's "Only you". Well, the two lines that I know. His tail went NUTS! He was wagging like crazy!

So I'm going to sing "Stand by Your Dog" and see if it gets the same reaction. This is what happens when you leave a country station on for the dogs when you're not home.

Big FO!

The red ribbon tank is done! (For the show. It will have sleeves, but not for Stitches West.)

A Blockin' Good Time

So, last night we had a Stitches "Cram Session" at my house. This means, mid-week knitting in preparation for the Big Weekend. Cynthia brought her FINISHED! top pieces over to be blocked, and we pulled out the new Scunci steamer that I bought in December. It freaking RULES! Pics to be posted. Really.

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