Wednesday, February 8, 2006

I am the grandest nerd that ever there was

It's true.

Last night, I was folding laundry in the bedroom, with the TV on, and the preview for this week's CSI came on, and Lady Heather is making another appearance on the show.

I shrieked, having missed 90% of the spoiler due to folding, fly down the stairs (to my laptop) and cue up the preview that they posted online. Andrew asked what all the excitement was about, and I was like "Lady Heather! CSI! *squeal!*"

This was akin to the squealing I did in middle school over Dean Cain, from my favorite show (at that point), Lois & Clark. That's right, folks. I was the President of the Superman club. Jealous? I know you are.

My life doesn't revolve around CSI (I *heart* Tivo!), but damn do they have good looking men. Although the writing borders on horrid occasionally, it's a good kind of horrid. Except for when they referred to the fiber from goats as "angora".

Quick fiber lesson for non-nerds:

Angora comes from Angora bunnies. It's horribly expensive, and I am wickedly allergic to it.

Mohair comes from Mohair Goats. It's a breed of goat, like Merino is a breed of sheep.

Cashmere comes from Angora Goats. The higher altitude the goats live, the better quality the cashmere is. I know it's confusing, but seriously, it's not.

Aside from the "angora" episode that left me twitching, I enjoy the CSI. Can we talk about Nick Stokes' Super Trooper hair and mustache? Ick. If it weren't for his man creases, I would be entirely uninterested. Grissom I'll take bearded, unbearded, whatever, and Greg Sanders in any shade of "wierdness". (Sorry, I've been to Berkeley, I've seen wierder.)

On the same nerdly vein, I love Excel. It's magical to make graphs out of data.

So yeah, Andrew was a little surprised that I squealed over a TV show. Oh, and we're going to see Ron White when he comes to town.

.....They call me TATER SALAD!

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