Monday, February 13, 2006

Facelift for my blog!

Not quite a facelift, perhaps more of a tummy tuck?

In any case, they should be quicker to load than the other icons, and despite the code being a little harder to scan, I think it's an improvement.

I'm working on a beeeeautiful golden yellow ribbon shell. It's getting lots of attention. The color is just striking. I think it would look better if I had a spray-on tan, but it's an extra expense so that's probably not going to happen. I'll take a picture, eventually. We all know I'm the worst knitting blogger and the worst dog mom because I'm lazy about taking pictures. It'll happen.

Weird dreams, part 3:

I attended a physics lecture by President Bartlet at a water park. The lecture was on a rapids type of ride, and President Bartlet was lecturing from an inner tube. It was AWESOME! The rapids were quick, and I was wrestling, high-school-flirting style with Josh Lyman in the rapids.

Except that the really cool part was that I am an ADULT in the dream, with my own place. So I say to Mr. Lyman, "You should come to my place." (I'm so bold in my dreams!) He agrees, and then I see the fin of a SHARK in the water.

I say, "Quick, we'll be safe on the linoleum!" and drag Josh into my kitchen. That's right, all of a sudden, the water park is the living room of my house, and LINOLEUM is the only thing that will save us. I'm bold, and a GENIUS in my dreams.

So, Josh and I are in the kitchen, with the dogs (whom I have pulled to safety from the carpet to the linoleum- and who are purebred chows instead of chow mutts), when I see the shark WALK THROUGH MY LIVING ROOM. ON LEGS. At which point I am so terrified of a shark that can mosey around my living room, that I wake up with a sudden start, expecting to see a shark with legs in my bedroom.

I am so amazingly cracked out, and I can't believe that my awesome Josh Lyman dream (in which I was so slick) was ruined by a damned land shark. GRR!

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