Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Two dog night

I mentioned in an earlier post that Andrew painted in anticipation of our Grownup FurnitureTM. Part of painting included dismantling our very well-loved bed, and sleeping in our guest room.

When we bought the bed for the guest room, I *insisted* (all those years ago) that we spend a little extra and buy a queen-sized bed. I hated people who would invite couples to stay over, only to have them (us) on a twin bed; either we'd have to squish, or rock-paper-scissors for the bed. Even if Andrew *had* ever won, his feet would have dangled over the edge. I vowed to never be that hostess.

The salesman, when we splurged on a high-end mattress for the guest room, asked us were we really, really sure? Considering that our guests sleep soundly, Mom recovered from cardiac surgery, and one of us sleeps on it when the other is sick, yeah. I have never regretted this decision, except when I end up on a subpar mattress when traveling. My own fault, really.

We sleep on a California King bed, normally. There's enough room for my beloved but oversized Andrew, myself, two dogs, and the Snoogle. (The Snoogle is the best invention, ever, by the way. I have to wrestle both dogs *and* Andrew for it. Every night.) The dogs come and go as they please, and usually it's one dog or the other on the bed- unless it's REALLY cold outside. You know, like 40 degrees.

(For the record, the house never gets below 60ºF/15.5ºC. My dogs are both double-coated Chow mixes, and they're indoor/outdoor dogs. Who don't like the cold. It gives entirely new meaning to a two dog night.)

What I have observed in the last few nights is the following:

The smaller the bed, the more creatures want to be in it at the same time. Proof:

Andrew took this picture when I was sleeping, sick on the couch. Charming man.

I'm just lucky that we're not all sleeping on a twin. If the theorem holds, we'd have to share it with an opossum. Or something.


  1. Can't agree more about the guest bed size issue. My parents installed a full size bed in their guest room. I cannot sleep there with my sprawling, broad-shouldered husband. Total fail. We have a queen at home - that's about the minimum we can tolerate.

  2. I'm not even pregnant (yet!!!) and I want a Snoogle!! That looks SOOOO comfy! I'd totally fight you for it. :)

  3. j.b.: we will go get a passel of Snoogles. I'm a life-long side sleeper weary of inferior body pillows. J's recommendation has me drooling for one.

  4. I so agree- we're going to eb doing our guest room soon and I'm insisting on a queen! And those are some cute pups you got there!!

  5. Would love an updated pix of the baby bump. I loved being pregnant it's like having your own little secret kicking around in there.... Lots of Love going your way, Talithia

  6. Is that a Shake Weight peeking behind the couch! lol


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