Monday, December 12, 2011

Lighting the way

The fact that we will be parents in under 2 months is starting to sink in. Proof?

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We have nightlights all over the house now. (Specifically, these ones.) It makes our house feel more like a home, which is strange, because it's never *not* felt like home.

Until this last weekend, I had forgotten how amazing night lights are. Having night lights all over means:

- I no longer have to do a shuffle step when I get up in the middle of the night to avoid stepping on either of the dogs.

- I can get a midnight snack without searing my retinas with overhead lights.

- Personal injuries (toe stubbings, knee bangings) have been greatly reduced, not just by my graceful self, either. 

- The gentle lighting is always flattering. (If for no other reason, go with this one.)


  1. You won't need a night light to find the baby in the middle of the night, trust me! I do recall reading that they aren't good for babies' vision, but I can't remember why.

  2. We do have night lights too, since the cats are not allowed in the kids room, we have all doors closed, so when we have to get up at night, it's really good not to step on a sleeping cat, who's waiting in front of your door :)


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