Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mama's watchin' her stories

As I mentioned in the previous post, part of how I'm spending my time is watching TV. There are some pretty good shows on this season, along with some old favorites.

Most notably, Andrew and I have been watching Grimm, The Walking Dead, and American Horror Story together.

Grimm is new, and it has a distinctly Supernatural vibe to it, with a few major exceptions- namely, no hunky Winchesters. Don't get me wrong; David Giuntoli is cute enough, but he's no Jensen Ackles or Jared Padalecki.

It's more enjoyable if you're (vaguely) familiar with the Grimm fairy tales; less enjoyable if you speak any German. (Mom is frequently annoyed by the mangling of German on the show.)

Shortcomings include that *everyone* seems to know that the main character is a Grimm, who hunts all the fairy-tale bad guys- except that this one doesn't, really. It's been fun watching this show develop.

The Walking Dead is (now) filming the third season (I think), but the second season? Fantastic. So much character development! The writing is so good that they've completely changed my opinion on a number of characters. Just don't watch it at night if you're like me; I have the most horrific zombie nightmares if I watch this one too late at night. (But seriously, it's sooooo good.)

I'm a little torn on American Horror Story. It's dark. It's ultra-violent. They don't give away too much of the story too quickly. It's created by the same guys who created Glee. (Andrew didn't believe that last bit when I first told him, by the way.)

I'm not into the violence- particularly the prevalence of graphic violence against women (and feminized characters) on the show, but mostly, I'm really skeeved by the idea that the house *itself* is a creepy character. Not being safe in your own home is a great horror trope, but it makes you jump at small, benign noises after watching it.

We watch this show week after week, and I'm still not certain that I like it. I'm partly worried that it will take a LOST turn, and I'll feel cheated out of the time I've spent watching. Only time will tell.


  1. The title of your post reminded me of my Gramma watching her stories - hers were soaps, and when we'd visit, she'd put us down for a nap while she watched!

    Grimm is definitely on my must-watch list... even though there's plot holes, the stories are engaging. And the Portland-ness of it makes me oh-so-happy.

    Walking Dead is on my to-watch list, i'm glad to hear you raving about it.

    American Horror just looked too scary for me!

    glad you are enjoying TV right now :)

  2. I absolutely adore Grimm. It has the perfect amount of cheesy-ness to make it not scary. I absolutely adore Monroe and I'm really interested in seeing how they progress with the whole development of Nick's character.

    I haven't seen any of the other shows you've mentioned- I am by far too wimpy to watch any of them.

  3. Oh i love the Walking Dead and Grim! I've never seen American Horror Story not sure I would like it by the sounds of it!


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