Friday, January 23, 2009

The aroma of beauty

Having pink hair is a fair amount of work. When I first dyed it, I needed to refresh the color every 2-3 weeks, and my roots every 6 weeks. But, since I'm committed to awesomeness, I did it.

Later, I was looking for a shampoo that wouldn't strip the dye. I switched to the DevaCurl shampoo, and BAM! I was re-pinking my hair every 4-5 weeks- and the color wasn't fading the way it was before!

(Believe it or not, my philosophy on beauty is that doing less with superior outcome is always better.)

Then, I got the AMAZING hair cut. This one:

(The front. Have you ever had a day where you're like, "Hell, YES, I look awesome!"? That was this day.)

(That's the side and some of the back. You get the idea.)

With this cut, no hair day was a bad hair day. To add to it's allure, it hid over an inch of roots in curls. That made bleaching out the roots an 8-10 week thing.

Now, I've got a more extreme cut. It is super awesome, and superior to the last cut. Easy to style, looks amazing, and hides roots like nobody's business.

So, tonight, we touched up my pink, because my hair was showing blonde through the pink and purple. I usually don't let it get it to that point, but since I hurt my ribs, I've been too exhausted and achy to sit for Mom to touch up the pink.

So, for your enjoyment, here is the pro-con list of pink hair.

-Having pink hair is awesome.
-Pink hair is fun.
-It suits me.
-It's kind of glamorous.
-Little kids give you secret smiles and loudly whisper to their parents about it.
-When you tell a sales guy "I have pink hair and I'll be there in an hour" they remember.
-Customer service (most places) improves drastically.
-It makes you easy to find in a crowd.

-Hair dye smells bad.
-Vaseline on your face and ears is NOT glamorous.
-Exfoliating becomes a neccessity afterwards to keep from looking like a Pink Jasmine.
-It makes you easy to find in a crowd.
-All the grout in your shower turns pink.

But really. Look at the top picture. TOTALLY worth it, right?


  1. I love it-- both the color & the haircut. What brand colorant do you use? I've been using special effects and it need refreshing every 3-4 weeks. I wish it could last longer.

  2. Totally worth it! It looks great on you! I wish I could carry that look off!

  3. It's absolutely worth it. You are ROCKIN that cut and color!

  4. I love the DevaCurl products - I've been using the NoPoo and OneCondition for like a year now and my hair is pretty happy.

  5. Totally worth it! And that dress is freaking fabulous on you.

  6. The pink looks great on you! I couldn't pull it off but I love it. :)

  7. Oh Yeah.....The pink hair is seriously made of awesome. But now what I want to know is Where did you get that AMAZING Blouse in the first photo???

  8. Freaking gorgeous haircut! I have given up pink for copper/purple/red. For now, at least.

    Wow, you look awesome.

  9. I love your cut and color it is totally fun and cute:)Hugs Darcy

  10. I have had pink hair for nearly 5 years. It does require some work but it is worth it.
    Special Effects Atomic Pink is the longest lasting pink I know. I redye every 7-8 weeks because my roots have grown out, not because the colour has faded.


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