Thursday, January 1, 2009

Dude! I do stuff!

I would like to announce that today, when I thought about doing something, I just did it.

Example 1:

(Still in bed.) Andrew announces that he has caught my plague. (Ahem, I told him not to kiss me.) I ask what I can do for him. He wants a Jamba Juice. I take a shower, get dressed, make the shopping list (because he said that he might want some of my all-healing chicken soup), and run errands with Mom.

We come home, make the soup, clean up as we go, and enjoy the all-healing soup.

Example 2:

(Post-soup.) Look at the dogs. Remember that one of them may have eaten a pen cap. Go outside and scoop poop. (No pen cap, but I'm not worried about it.)

Example 3:

Plied the remaining bits of Mom's black and gold batt. Wound the bobbin that had been resting up.

Example 4:

Saw the pile of stuff to be photographed for blogging and Ravelry. Set up photo lights and my photo area. Got Mom to assist. Took all of my pictures as well as hers. Uploaded, labeled, and updated my Ravelry. (This is partly so that the podcast listeners have some idea of what my stuff looks like.)

Example 5:

Blogged about it all.


  1. Can you tell me more about your photo area (specifically what lights you bought/where you bought them) the next time I see you? I want to set one up in my new studio...

  2. You are soooo productive! Can I come over and hang out with you so maybe your productiveness can rub off on me? ::swoon::


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