Monday, January 5, 2009

Why yes, Grace IS my middle name!

Last Monday, I cracked a rib coughing. I'm pretty sure I cracked a rib, I'm going in to the doctor confirm this today. Why has it taken me a week to go in to the doctor? I didn't want to be the person who goes in with MINDNUMBING pain in her side only to find out that it's a strained muscle.

While I am entirely aware that I am not a doctor, and can not be expected to tell the difference between a cracked rib and a strained muscle, I know that a strained muscle will stop hurting in a few days, where a cracked rib will not. I also know that they don't do much for a cracked rib (a "rib belt" and painkillers).

So, enough of that. But know, before you start lecturing, that I'm on it. Really, really.

Last night we recorded episode 34, which is a great one, but looooong. The company that hosts our sound files has been having some upload issues, which meant I spent WAY too much time in the futile attempt to get the show live, on time. After attempt #3, I clicked on the "support" link, and wouldn't you know it, my problem isn't unique. They solved it before 7 AM today.

Aside from the company we had recording (Chloe and Tika), Colleen came over with Hana, the amazing Akita puppy. Colleen and I suspected that Hana could use some time with other dogs, and the vet cheerfully informed me that I am a responsible enough dog parent that it is perfectly safe for Hana and our dogs to play, now.

Niki did great with her; Elphie is still a little hesitant, but doing well. When the dogs were done out in the yard, Hana went and crashed in her crate, with Niki sleeping a few feet away, facing her. It was so cute. Until Niki stole the hippo toy out from under Hana's SLEEPING HEAD.

(This is when I get twitchy as Niki's mom. I assure you that my dogs have more than enough toys and do not need to be stealing toys from sleeping puppies.)

In any case, it's nice to know that there's no hostility between the dogs, which means more playdates!

Given the excessive uploading last night, I finished my pair of Day-Glo socks:

day glo sock
(That's sock #1)

Day Glo sock 2
(That's sock #2.)

Why aren't they photographed together in that second picture? Because I couldn't find sock #1, but decided not to let that slow me down. You'll also notice that the socks are fraternal. The fraternity of the socks doesn't bother me, but the knots in the skein do.

Given that I haven't hit a knot in a skein of Opal before, I can forgive this one. Just this once.


  1. Happy New year to you all. I hope you will feel better soon and that you have not cracked a rib, really.

  2. a. Those socks are awesome.

    b. Do they really give you any sort of belt for a cracked rib? I was told that they didn't because it inhibits deep breathing, which can lead to pneumonitis or something.

    c. I've had a broken rib and I remember it sucking. I don't think I got painkillers either. Bastards.

  3. I love the Day-Glo socks! They're so bright and cheerful - a nice contrast to the gray outside.


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