Saturday, February 7, 2009

Adventures in movie-going

Earlier this week, Tika, ManCandy, Andrew and I had made plans for dinner and a movie. We decided to go to Gordon Biersch, and then see Coraline. (Don't worry, no spoilers.)

coraline tix

Dinner was lovely. The beer was good, food was good, and the conversation was stellar. We discussed comic book heroes, deconstructed Harry Potter, and - the best line of the evening was when ManCandy claimed that "pulling the Jane Austen card" for the "movies are not adequate representations of literature" argument is equivalent to a TKO.

I finished knitting my "Bird of Paradise" socks:

bird of paradise
(I know this isn't a complete picture, but my further-in-progress pictures were a bit blurry- I mean, artsy.)

And I cast on some Mini Mochi socks to review on the podcast.

We walked to the theater (which is local and independent, by the way), sat down, pulled out our knitting, and the lights went down. Tika noticed I had missed a call from my mom, who had also been invited.

I listened to the voicemail:

"Hi Yas, my car won't start. Will you come and get me?"

I send her a text, which says,
The movie just started.

She replies,
Ok, I'll go sit at the coffee shop until it's done.

Now, I have an unnatural knowledge of what time which coffee shops in the area close. This particular one closes about 1/2 hour into the movie, leaving Mom to sit in a cold car for another (approximate) hour and a half. Since we have the "discount movie pass" for this chain of theaters, I lean over to Andrew and say:

"Mom is stranded. I have to go get her. Do you want to stay and get a ride home, or come with me? Either way is fine."

Andrew decided to come with me, so we made quick apologies to Tika, and decided to forego the $12 we had spent on the tickets in favor of saving Mom. (That is $12 for two tickets, total.)

It is now 9:35. And five minutes into the movie. Now, Mom has always picked me up when I was in a pinch, so I can't, in good conscience, be a jerk and tell her to wait. We hustle out of the theater, call her and tell her we're on our way.

See the torn tickets? Yeah. Andrew and I will be making time to see Coraline this next week, but for now, in order NOT to be an uncultured swine, I have the audiobook on my iPod.


  1. A TKO, indeed! I disagree, but then again, what would life be without a little disagreement? Sorry you missed the movie. It's very good, and *gorgeous.* It's also one of the few movies I've seen that expands on the book without losing the original heart of it. Plus now I want Coraline gloves.

  2. Oooh, the movie is good, but I think you'll like the book! (And of course, it will make you appreciate the moive more.)

  3. What a good daughter! $12 is for 1 person around here. $12 for two is a bargain!


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