Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A little less whining, a little more action

Ok- for those of you who worried, I have definitely damaged the muscles between my ribs (in the under-boobage area). We're waiting on the results of yesterday's x-ray, but until then, I'm on bedrest and delicious painkillers.

However. I have been finishing stuff at an alarming clip, and given Jasmin 2009's objectives, I'll actually have some knitting content (with pictures!) for the blog- which is purportedly about knitting. I present you with the Black and Gold batt I spun for Mom:

BandG VS
(That's my favorite shot of this yarn.)

BandG Dime

BandG Skein

I talked about this on the podcast, and I absolutely loved spinning it. I bought it from Crystal Creek Fibers, and I couldn't be happier. In person, the yarn looks like ore. I love it! (Mom is pretty keen on it, too.) I have more of her batts, which I'll be spinning in the near future.

I think my favorite thing about this colorway is how much it reminds me of Niki's fur. It has two shades of gold (a reddish-gold, and a white-ish gold) and black. I was snuggling with Niki, and I caught a glimpse of his fur at at an angle, and the colors were identical. Add that to the fact that his guard hairs have black tips. Granted, this yarn is more bling that bow-wow, but I think the batt was inspired by the gal's German shepherd.

Speaking of being inspiration, I have also finished knitting my sample for a submission to Knitty- now, I just need to find props and a way to maximize the brilliance of this piece. I have a feeling that when I'm feeling better, I will wrangle Andrew into helping with this. Bwa ha ha!


  1. Delicious painkillers. You slay me.

    I'm totally in lurve with that black and gold!

  2. that is a beautiful yarn, love the black and gold.

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