Friday, May 25, 2007

Sometimes, Being Crass is the Only Way

Who does a girl have to screw to get some 00 US/1.75 mm circular needles? (Seriously, if you know, send me an e-mail at jasmin at licensedtoknit dot com.)

I have gone to yarn stores, called yarn stores, and searched high and low on the internet. I have found straights and double points, but no circulars.

In a fit of (what I thought was) genius, I called a LYS that I don't really shop at very often. This is due to a combination of reasons. (A) They're out of my way, according to my brain map. Even though they are closer than the LYS I shop at most regularly, they seem further away. (B) They have super-high employee turnover, and I have yet to speak with an employee (who isn't the manager) who knows their rump from their elbow. I called looking for a Dale of Norway pattern (which I know they carry), and the employee (without looking or asking someone else) told me they don't carry Dale patterns. (C) They don't carry much that interests me, besides Rebecca.

Anyhow, I call, and Peppy Employee answers the phone.

"Hi," I say politely, "I'm looking for a set of circular needles."
"What size?" asks PE.
"I'm looking for double-zero needles. 1.75 mm, specifically."
"Let me look."

My heart swelled with joy, that PE was actually * looking *.

"We've got them."
"Before I drive down, they are double-zeros?"
"Yep," She says confidently.

This is too good to be true, so I made sure to ask a critical question, "What does it say for the millimeters?"
Sigh. "Thanks, have a great day."

You see my pain?


  1. Hi! Found you randomly when doing a google search for double zero circs. My mother has been looking for these forEVER. I don't suppose you've found them anywhere?

    Millions of thanks if you have! :)


  2. Hello. Me again. After further searching, I found this:


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