Tuesday, May 8, 2007

A Musical Parade of Hot Men

...or, the 2007 Harmony Sweepstakes

So, we spent Saturday night driving up to Marin for this a cappella festival that one of Andrew's co-workers (also a knitter friend of mine, it turns out) had talked about.

(For your reference, it was an hour and a half each way and TOTALLY worth it.)

As I posted earlier, I was very wrong in being a drum corps groupie, and should have instead been an a cappella groupie. Live, learn and ogle is my philosophy.

There were a few AMAZING groups. There were two or three groups I wasn't super keen on, but they were still incredibly good.

My favorite (and the audience's favorite as well) was face. Buy their CD. They are a-freakin'-mazing. They walked out onto stage and did an INCREDIBLE arrangement of "Oh Fortuna" from Carmina Burana.

[Note to readers: I am a little hard of listening, so all I heard when they explained it was "something- something tuna". Listening to it, I thought it was Duel of the Fates. I know, no culture, no class, etc. I also have continued calling it "The Tuna Song", despite the fact that I know better now. Tuna is delicious. So are these guys.]

I bought both their CDs, and was pleasantly surprised to find that they were even * better * looking up close. (We were sitting maybe a dozen rows from the back. Next year we'll sit closer. All of these guys were smokin' hot.) Their style is (their words) "All-Vocal Rock", and definitely not your typical Barbershop. They don't seem to have a designated "lead" singer, and it seems like every member gets a chance to stand in front. I like this.

I also tremendously enjoyed Men In Black (ahem, bought their CD, too). Also smokin' hot. (I know, shameless hussy. Kudos to Andrew for not cock-blocking me, and instead, buying CDs from the other vendors while I ogled.) Buy their CD, too. Their style is much more classically Barbershop (in my opinion), and their lead guy has a great voice. (Ahem, cute too.)

The Fault Line was terrific, they started with Rock Around the Clock, and the guy singing lead had a distinctly Elvis-y vibe. (Cute, but more Katie's type than mine, I think.) Buy their CD. It is great.

Then, there was Nightwatch. A combination of Barbershop and Broadway parodies. The only thing they were missing was an Avenue Q style puppet. Hilarious! (I couldn't buy their CD in person, but will buy it online.)

Other notable hotties? The bass (Nate, no link) from Doubleshot.

What did I go home with?

(* Sniff * No boys. In Tara's words, "I want the boys!")

What did I finish while soaking up the man-tunes?

(Ahem, sock #2. For those keeping score, that's two pairs finished in one weekend.)

What did I work on once those were done?

(Hard to see? It's camoflauge Trekking for my Trekkie.)

(A little better? I thought so.)

Had I been more prepared, I would have asked the boys to pose with my sock for Le Blog, but there's always next year.

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