Wednesday, February 7, 2007

What I Did For Love…

Katie and I went to Carolina Homespun the day after Christmas to spend her gift certificate from the Minion Gift Exchange, and while we were there I found a bump of Three Bags Full roving in Crimson Shadows (click here to buy some).

It is exactly the color of a classic Persian carpet, and being the dutiful and incredibly filial child that I am (Hey,you! Stop laughing!), I bought it for Mom with the intention of spinning it up into something pretty and small. Four ounces only goes so far, you know.

Two weeks ago, at Purlescence, I got a preview of their Chasing Rainbows stock for Stitches. Their "Reds" colorway jumped out at me, and I talked to Mom about maybe doing one ply of Crimson Shadows with two plies of the Reds (the silk/cashmere and the cashmere/merino). Mom thought it would be nice, and mentioned wanting more of the Crimson Shadows, if there were more to be had.

I called Carolina Homespun and Lann let me know that they would hunt down what they had in stock and give me a call Monday with how much they had and how much they could get.

Then there was the Super Bowl sale. There were four different fiber choices in the Reds colorway, and Mom was across town. I made an executive decision to get two bumps (4 oz total) of each fiber and she could decide if she liked it and I would return what she didn't.

Imagine my lack of surprise to find that she loved all four. Monday rolls around. Morgaine has a sweater's worth of Crimson Shadows. I call Mom.

Her suggestion was not one but two sweaters. One out of Crimson Shadows, and one out of the Reds, with black merino to make the colors pop.

Now, I normally wouldn't do this, but for Mom (Giver of Life and Last-Minute Alterer of Suits) I would do anything. I got the box from Carolina Homespun today. More fiber to roll around in.

(See, Mom? Now who is wrapped around whose finger?)

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