Saturday, February 24, 2007

Stitches West- the Saga (Part III)

Saturday morning. We knew it was going to be a massive cluster … issue. The group had a game plan (which meant sprinting to the back of the convention center to grab the stuff we wanted) to be out by noon, when classes let out.

Ally, Colleen, Erica and I managed to get out around 11:30, and went to the Atrium to find a place to crash during the lunch rush. While at a dinky table (with uncomfortable chairs) I scoped out a cozy little zone with couches. When the ladies at the two couches left, I sprinted over to claim them as Minion territory.

There was a guy sitting there, but his wife was done shopping about an hour after we got there, and he was great at pretending we weren't there (saying things like "penis" and whatnot), and once he left, it was the Minion Crash Zone. We relaxed, ate our lunches, knitted; it was glorious!

The best part was that those of us who weren't * quite * finished shopping yet could go back (at 1:30, once the craziness subsided as people filed back into classes) while the others put their feet up and chilled like the villains they are.

The end of Saturday plan was for the Colleen Crew (those of us who rode in her trusty burgundy stallion) to leave at 3:30 to get the house ready for Donna's arrival (at 5). We lost Ursula, and even though she drove in by herself, we wanted to make sure that she didn't think we were ditching her. We found her and left the building at 4.

We were still okay, my room wasn't a complete disaster and I got set up for Donna well in time for her arrival and the commencement of the massages. Oh yeah, and we had POWER in the living room!

We, again, showed off our respective loot, ate the pizza we ordered (ahem, the pizza guy found us just fine, thank you) and knitting in glorious, resplendent light, provided by Andrew (and his brother).

Donna did five massages, and everyone sort of filtered out once they were done on the table. I, being the selfish beast that I am, took the last slot and rolled into bed afterwards.

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