Thursday, February 8, 2007

Icarus Progress

I've mentioned before that Icarus is my first major lace endeavor, and having said that, I was thinking about how to determine my progress in the sidebar. Then I remembered that I am a slightly anal retentive lunatic with a scale. Ah-ha!

If the total shawl takes 4 oz (or 120g), I can weigh my ball of Zephyr and calculate it down to 5g. From there, calculating how close to finishing I am is easy.

I actually bought the scale for weighing yarn two years ago, and it has been helpful on a number of occasions. Since I have jumped onto the spinning bandwagon, I have used the scale on a far more frequent basis.

Just so you know the extent of my craziness (so far as when I am spinning, at least) I determine how many plies I want it to be in advance, divide the weight by the total number of plies, and spin them on separate bobbins. The best I have ever done with this feat (proof) of insanity was to have about 3 yards leftover on two bobbins (which I Navajo plied).

Once the yarn has been plied, I wind it up on my swift (which has demarcations denoting a skein circumference of one yard, one-and-a-half yards, or two yards), count the total number of strands in a given area, multiply by two (because I don't like counting yardage) and have my total yardage.

The sick part is that I LOVE this. It's exactly the kind of simple (yet precise) activity that I thrive on.

I'll post a picture once the 40 days and 40 nights of rain are over, but before the photo I'm going to take the dogs to the newly renovated DOG PARK!

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