Friday, February 23, 2007

Stitches West- the Saga (Part II)

It's Friday morning. Lunches have been packed. Backpacks have been prepared. Wallets are loaded and online tickets have been procured.

The Plan for Friday was for some of us to meet at the house and the rest to meet us at the convention center. I told the people who were driving up with me that if we rolled from the house at 8:30, I would stop for coffee. With that kind of incentive to move, we made it to the convention center around 9:15 or 9:30. There was a line, but we were towards the front.
My assumption was (yes, I know what they say about assumptions) that people who bought tickets online would be scanned and have badges printed out- like Fandango. Noooo, that would have been too smart. Instead, we waited in lines all three days, and had to wait to be scanned and handed a raffle entry ticket as our key to entry.

The system was stupid, and to add insult to injury, we were charged a "convenience fee". There was very little that was convenient about the setup, I assure you. Once we walked through the double doors, all annoyance was forgotten as we began to indulge in what can only be referred to as a Yarn Orgy.

I had three Stitches Virgins with me (we threatened to make them wear lipstick "V"'s on their foreheads, like at Rocky), and they did very well. I went through my list, bought everything on it and then went on to buy other interesting stuff.

Julie and Cynthia joined us in the afternoon, and we left around closing (perhaps a little earlier). The Minions headed back to my house to show off their plunder and build the plan of attack for Saturday.

We ordered Chinese food, and it got there an hour and a half later, because the delivery guy couldn't find our house. (WHAT?!) When the food finally arrived, we fell on it and afterwards knitted (basically) in the dark. Andrew assured me that he had called his brother (who is familiar with electrical work) and he was coming over in the morning.

Andrew then made an interesting observation that this is the second Stitches where something broke in the house. Last year it was the pipe behind the dishwasher, which Andrew (the manly-man, repairer of all things) fixed and showed us proudly when we got home. I think this is coincidence and not a higher power messing with me.

Again, we worked out the plan for Saturday, dispersed, and went to bed.

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