Thursday, February 22, 2007

Stitches West- the Saga (Part I)

This year I didn't sign up for any classes at Stitches West. There was a short-rowing class (taught by the incredible Lily Chin) which I wanted to take, but I thought I should ask for the time off work BEFORE signing up and paying for the class, etc.

By the time I had gotten the time approved (a day or two), the class was full. I made a note not to make the same mistake again in the future. Live and learn and all, right?

So, Stitches West/Stitches prep started for me on Wednesday (2/21). I knew I was going to have houseguests and the wiring in my office/guest room (also called the "Yarn Room" by people who have stayed there) was not to code when we bought the house.

This was supposed to be repaired on January 2nd, but the electricians were very understanding when I told them that Andrew had gone into surgery late the night before and we could not do the re-wiring that day. I am sure that it didn't hurt that I answered the door in my pajamas and robe with my hair standing on end and my retainer/night guard in and told them that I had only gotten two hours of sleep.

So, Wednesday morning Sam showed up just before 9 AM (I promised him donuts) and picked up the dogs to go over to my parents' house to play while the electricians did their thing. After the electricians left, Mom and I ran a million errands, and I fell down dead-tired.

Thursday morning, I went to work for a half-day, (despite the fact that I * technically * had it approved as a day off from work). Katie joined me for lunch, and we ran around for a little while until my car was ready from the repair place.

(Remember how I was in a car accident in early January? My car wasn't ready until Feb. 22, and it went back because it was having major problems.)

From the car place, I picked up Mom, and we got home around 5:30, with an 8:30PM ETA for Linda. Ally came over and helped ("helped" = "did all of the heavy lifting and more") get the room in order, well in time for Linda's arrival.

We made The Plan for Friday, and Andrew went to take Ally home. He hit the garage door button (to open it) and POP! Out went the power to the living room.

We tried flipping the switches in the circuit breaker. No luck. So there we were, sitting in the dark. Andrew said that he would get it fixed Saturday, at the latest.

Andrew manually opened the garage door (what a may-an!), took Ally home, and the people remaining at the Shanty dispersed and went to their respective beds.

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