Wednesday, January 4, 2006

FO! Socks!

I am so totally on a finishing spree. And you are jealous, muah ah ah.

So what if most people don't consider finishing a pair of socks a real Finished Object. I don't care about them. I'm wearing the FO from Sunday, right this second, on my feet.

So it's the fourth day of the year, and I'm doing pretty well with my resolution. I've started a ribbon top for Melinda of Tess Yarns (linked to your left). It's cute, but there's only a few inches of back so far. I'll post a little icon when I can gauge how "finished" it is.

I'm fairly certain you won't die of antici............. pation. (10 points to whomever names the quote).

I still have to figure out what the points mean, but I assure you they're worth something.

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