Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Elphie vs. Knitting (and FO)

I love my dogs. I do. My dogs love me. Elphie doesn't love my knitting. So for your reading enjoyment, some inner dog psychology.

**DISCLAIMER: I'm not a psychologist, dog or otherwise. Just an ass-kicking knitter.

The Time: Lunch, M-W, F.
The Place: The Blue Ikea Couch.

I come home. I eat my lunch, I sit down on the couch to relax a bit. Elphie and Niki usually join me for about two seconds. So, I pull out my knitting to help me decompress before I head back to work. Elphie has decided at this point that she is done with me, and is now eating, playing with a toy, humping Niki, whatever. I pick up my knitting.

BOOM! Elphie is on my lap, on top of my knitting. Doing her little mock-kitten roll, so I scratch her tummy and DO NOT knit. If I transgress so much as to try and knit with her on my lap she will push my knitting away with her nose, saying to me, "Noooo... you should be petting me, and telling me I'm a good dog. Knitting is for other places."

Who can resist that kind of love? Not me, I'm weak.

FO! Socks!
To continue my mad crazy finishing spree, I have finished my 6th item this month (socks), and I really will post pictures of at least the ribbon top. If I'm not lazy.

I'm also living up to my promise, and knitting Joey's socks. Cast them on last night, woo!

Other stuff:
Lots going on, not for blogging, ask me later. Or ask Billy, or Paul, or David. Or Kai, once I e-mail him. If you haven't assessed what it could be about (there is a common link between these guys. Think about it.) ask me.

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