Thursday, January 26, 2006

Carb warfare

I don't diet. I don't really believe in it, and I never have needed to diet. I understand that other people have had problems with their weight, and managing it. I can be sympathetic to that. Then the Carb Wars began.

My Auntie Wolf (Dad's nickname for her, name substituted to protect her anonymity) has been on every diet known to human kind. Seriously. She was my favorite aunt as a kid, and I vowed to take care of her in old age (she doesn't have kids), so needless to say, we spent some time together. The last time we saw each other (3 summers ago, she moved like a million miles away), she was on the Atkins diet, and having some success with it. Tremendous success, according to her.

"Good for you!" I said, thinking, Ew.

The food is gross. I couldn't eat that much meat if my life depended on it, and the lack of vegetables and fruit makes me think that scurvy is going to come back in style. Like it's 1499, beyotches. (I know scurvy is caused by Vitamin C deficiency, but still.)

So, I occasionally indulge in a Jamba Juice, and I noticed that their newsletter was singing the praises of "Good Carbs". Atkins will say, "There are no good carbs," which is why Atkins dieters smell funny, but Jamba is working to educate on "healthy" vs junk foods.

It all baffles me. It really does. I thought I would share, since I think Atkins is gross. Oh, and Friend #1 from my Yarn Drama post lost over 100 pounds in 6 months by not drinking alcohol, swimming 3 hours a day, and eating NUTRITIOUS FOODS. What a concept.

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