Friday, July 10, 2009

What is it about a man in a vest?

While working on my Tour de Fleece projects, I've been working my way through a couple of new TV shows- including The Mentalist. I tripped across it by accident (and given my affinity for Psych, decided to give it a chance), and I have to say... wow.

Now, I'm not going to Clark Kent all over it because suspension of disbelief is part of the joy that is television. So, you're not going to get another attack of the implausible [noun] this time.

First- Simon Baker/Patrick Jane has the best Botox-ed forehead EVER. An un-paralyzed forehead has nothing on him- and even (shockingly) looks unnatural. Weird, right?

Second- he wears a VEST. Seriously. Evidently, vests aren't just for ushers and magicians anymore. He might be the only man on television who wears a vest, but I'll be damned if he doesn't rock it.

(Talking about underrated accessories- Mom pointed out that Gabrielle Anwar rocks a fanny pack on Burn Notice. Take that, you fanny pack haters!)

I'm sure the discussion that made that wardrobe decision went something like this:

Wardrobe Person #1: We want him to be different. Quirky.
Wardrobe Person #2: Maybe we should have him wear obnoxious ties, or a belt buckle, or mismatched socks!
Wardrobe Person #1: Nah, that's been done on Bones. And Criminal Minds.
Wardrobe Person #2: Hm. Since he works with law enforcement, maybe it should be a special tie.
Wardrobe Person #1: No way. They're California law enforcement. Nobody in California wears a tie to work.
Wardrobe Person #2: Flip flops?
Wardrobe Person #1: Flip flops aren't shoes. We need something that says, "Hey, I respect my work AND I'm unconventional."
Wardrobe Person #2: I know. A VEST. Nobody wears a vest anymore!
Wardrobe Person #1: GENIUS.

And so it was. The Vested Man.


  1. My husband Scott and I LOVE The Mentalist. It's brillant, funny, serious, and entertaining all at once.

  2. Simon Baker is British. His American accent is quite good, I think. I find the vest a bit disturbing because it just screams British to me.

    I loved the line in Psych where Shawn and his dad are going to kick back and watch The Mentalist.

    Burn Notice is one of my favorite shows, largely because of the voice-overs where the rationale for what's going on is explained. But Fiona's wardrobe grates on my nerves. Michael's wearing a whole suit and she's wearing an "I just left the nudist colony but *sigh* I suppose I could throw on a bit of something but we'll both have to know I'm not wearing underwear."

    Have you seen Warehouse 13? I could barely watch it. It reminded me of commercials for X-files. To the point that I wondered how they managed to get it on the air without someone screaming copyright infringement.

  3. I love The Mentalist, and I totally agree with you on Simon Baker's character. He DOES rock that vest. Reid has been known to rock a vest as well on Criminal Minds.

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