Thursday, July 9, 2009

Holy sock, Batman!

That's right. I can officially say that I have worn through the heel of a handknit sock. Proof:

Holy sock, Batman!

I knit these in 2002 out of Silja sock yarn that I bought at the Yarn Place. (Someone, please tell me why I can remember that, but not what I ate for lunch yesterday? It's a puzzlement.) Seven years and a million washes later, we have a spectacular, spontaneous hole.

Tour de Fleece is going swimmingly- I have plied both the Mango Merino/Silk from Redfish Dyeworks and the Crown Mountain Superwash Merino (in Albatross) for Andrew. Of course there aren't pictures. Evidently, I can post cell-phone pictures of holy socks, but my Beloved Handspun(tm) requires a photo shoot. Puzzlement, part 2.

I am knitting like a MADWOMAN on my Adamas shawl. I'm hoping to finish it in the next couple of weeks so that I can do a huge blocking session out on the patio. I have not one, but three, shawls that need blocking. How is it that after a hundred hours of knitting something, blocking is what keeps it in the UFO bin? Puzzlement, part 3.

In regards to the Lace Gauntlet Throwdown (because nobody loves a challenge like I do), I have been slowly working through combing the Baby Cormo locks, and I think I'm going to bribe No-Blog-Rachel with wine (or mojitos) to come over with her Patrick Greene drumcarder so I can drumcard Frank and Luther. There is just NO way I'm combing all that.

(For your reference, it's taking me approximately one million years per ounce to comb - poorly - the beautiful locks. Sorry, Meghan, there is a real reason why I love Shari.)

I've sustained some minor battle damage, but I think Andrew might just dig fiber related scars.

"See this one? Combing baby cormo." Hm. Doesn't quite have that "tough guy" ring to it. (Considering I told a few people that I tore my chest muscles in a bar fight - because coughing hard enough to cause that damage just sounded sissified - I'm not above a creative story.)


  1. I once fell *up* the stairs and broke my wrist in 3 places, so I started telling people that I got in a barfight so they wouldn't start laughing. I guess my hand was pretty bruised up (the uncasted part) because their eyes got all round when I said "Well, you should see the other guy..." LOL.
    I want to see pictures of the Adamas! I vicariously knit lace through you. :)

  2. Oh you know I can totally be bought - with wine, mojitos or both. Name the time and the drumcarder (it needs a name, no?) and I will come over!

  3. Seven years isn't too shabby for those socks--I feel much better about spending hours and hours knitting them, now that I know (well, assume) they'll last so long. :)

  4. You are too funny!! I guess your socks had a 7 year itch and decided to become holy. :)

    Keep up the combing and hope the drum carder visits soon! ;)

    Wow...3 shawls! You better plan a blocking day soon!

  5. I have Sivia Harding's Norwegian woods sitting on my shelf in the studio... it's been sitting there since February. It just needs blocking. And it sits and sits in all its gorgeousness and waits.

  6. Golly do I ever love Yarn Place.
    Congrats! You have used a sock properly and well!
    These things happen. Says something about the superior yarn quality ( and the quailty of the knitting) that it took 7 years of being walked on before it gave up the ghost.
    Shame...those look like comfy socks. I'm sure you have at least a million more where those came from.

  7. I'm glad my Jasmin socks don't look like that! Yet. Hopefully never.

  8. I must wear mine too much or too hard. I get about 2 years out of mine. I really need to start adding things to the heels to help them last!

    Wish I was close enough to hang out, I just love mojitos!


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