Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's not to love?

I mentioned that I had a REMARKABLY stupid weekend, but I have to point out the silver lining of it all. We went to the lovely Loma Prieta Winery on Saturday with one of Andrew's co-workers, who is a member there.

This was a June Cleaver-ish thing for me to do. While you may not suspect it, with the pink hair, I perform quite a few very classic "wifely" functions- including making myself presentable, social, and pleasant at events that involve Andrew's career.

(You can imagine me vaccuming in heels and pearls, but that's the
only place that is going to happen. Go ahead, take a minute.)

So, I put on my makeup, and the Poison Green Twist, and off we went.

The Loma Prieta Winery is WAAAAAY back off of Summit Rd, in the Santa Cruz mountains. It's SO far back off of Summit that the road changes names. Thrice, I believe.

I don't particularly like windy roads, or one-lane, windy, mountain roads, but I kept both my composure AND my breakfast in check. When we got there, it was totally worth it. I mean, look at the view:


Oops, the background is in soft focus. Wine will do that, won't it? From what we were told, on a clear day you could see WAAAAAY out, but I preferred it a little overcast. (I think a little fog is lovely.)

There was food, and of course, wine. Lots of wine.

(This wine wasn't my favorite, but it was the best color. White wine is boring to take pictures of, but I really enjoyed their Viognier.)

The most dangerous part was the sommalier that circulated, refilling empty glasses. It's no wonder that I dropped my driver's license!

(Which, by the way, when I called first thing the next morning, they found it and happily mailed it back to me, saving me HOURS at the DMV as well as the general frustration of pink hair on official documents.)

Other cool things about the winery include Mo, the winery dog, who fetches AROUND the vines, doing incredibly agility work, and awesome art in the restrooms.

(By the way, AFTER my license was misplaced, Andrew pointed out that next time, he'll be happy to keep my ID in his wallet. You'd think I would have been smart enough to do this, but nooo...)

All I can say is that I am SO looking forward to the Retzlaff Winery spinning day. We'll just have to put someone else in charge of my license.

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  1. Yeah....I just put "Red" as my hair color.
    When I had three tone hair (Black, red and white) was when there was mass confusion at the DMV. I said "Look...lets just put blonde, I mean I'm already saying I'm a weight I haven't been at since 1995 and honestly my hair will change at some point." (and blonde was the color all in the front except for a red stripe.
    They agreed. It's an archaic thing from back in the day when you either were a blonde, brunette, readhead, or grey.
    Also...if you go to Sock Summitt did you know that surrounding the Portland Area is some of the most AMAZING Wineries EVER!
    I'm 70% going to go...if so and you guys make it remind me to get you a bottle of some awesome Pinot Noir form Rex Hill in Dundee.


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