Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A stylish alternative to wellies

On the tail of a post about my deep and lasting love of the fanny pack, I wanted to share my alternative to wellies- a fashionable one. (Trust me, these put the fanny pack back in its' place.)

It has been raining a RIDICULOUS amount. On Tuesday, I had a minor meltdown, and on my way home from Pho (at the best Pho place EVER), I stopped at DSW, which is effectively the Mecca for stylish (yet affordable) footwear. I was hoping to get a pair of wellies, and I didn't much care what they looked like at that point.

I walked in, and as far as the eye could see, all there was in front was strappy sandals. My toes froze just LOOKING at them. I went straight to the back - where they keep the clearance shoes.

There, I found vinyl boots- by named designers - for 40, 50, and 70% off. They're waterproof AND stylish. Plus, I love swaggering about in boots.

Pictures pending me taking them- because, unless you're Tika and have RIDICULOUSLY long legs, it's impossible to take pictures of your own feet, Itellyouwhut.

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  1. Can't wait to see them. Have you ever been to the House of Nanking in San fran! It's my favorite restaurant there. Blue Front or Squat n Goggle are my two favorite breakfast places. I miss San Fran just talking about this. :) Hope things are well!

    My word verification is culas. hehe


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