Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The ugly duckling of accessories

This weekend, while I was at Stitches West, I found myself hauling around WAY too much stuff in my purse. I had vintage swag from a previous stitches (the little "Knitter Attached" pouch from XRX), but I didn't want to interrupt the flow of my outfit with a big, black strap going across my chest.

So, what did I do? I shortened the strap, hung it decoratively off to the side, and turned it into...

A fanny pack. (For those of you outside the US, a belt pack.)

I was horrified. But the worst part is, aside from being an abomination to accessories everywhere, fanny packs are incredibly useful. (My practical side is showing.) They put weight on the hips, which I have in abundance (thanks, Mom!), and you don't get tangled in straps.

After I was finished being horrified, I discovered that if you hang the fanny pack off to the side, and not flat across the waist (more like a sporran than a fanny pack) it doesn't look so ... dorky.

Here we go. I can embrace my dorkiness:

My name is Jasmin, and I love the fanny pack.


  1. I think the right fanny pack, worn the right way, can be not so bad. The neon 80s style pack of my childhood, not so much. (I have pictures of me with said fanny pack at Disneyland, wearing a huge tshirt and bright bike not cute.) But Louis Vuitton and Gucci have designed really nice bags meant to be worn around the waist at the side of the hip like you describe. Not dorky at all.

    PS It was fabulous meeting you and your mom at Stitches! I apologize if I seemed weird/rude/off was my 1st Stitches, and I think the yarn fumes really did me in. Thanks for the goodie bags...the Verena Magazine is fantastic, and I can't wait to knit with the Panda Wool or make ChloeSparkle's cowl/neckwarmer! I hope to see you two at other bay area fiber events...Lambtown or CA Sheep and Wool?

  2. We are no longer friends.

  3. If Tika is no longer your friend does that mean we get to split her portion of fleece between you, me, and Colleen next week? *grin*

    Fanny packs have a true purpose. You just have to find one that doesn't look dorky.

  4. Nice!! You have to love the Fanny Pack when it gives you free use of both your hands!

  5. I have a friend, that owns a purse company that makes really hip and cool purses. I know for a fact that they made one prototype fanny pack on a dare from a friend of theirs!

  6. You are so welcome! The hips are a family heirloom. As is the nose. I am so happy I am gifting you with some substantial things.

  7. Well, I found you charming at stitches despite your bag quirks. since Tink is abandoning you, can I have her pretties? lol


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