Thursday, February 19, 2009

Jasmin's 37th law of knitting

Why is it that on any normal day, I'm practically drowning in locking stitch markers, and they all go AWOL when I'm looking to set in a sleeve?

But, Jasmin's laws 1-3 of knitting are (in order): Improvise, improvise, improvise.

So, lobster clasps it is.


  1. Because they are out to get you. They've decided they work entirely too hard around the place and have removed themselves to the locking stitch marker equivalent of Bora Bora for a few mixed drinks and a cabana boy named Sergio. They figure you can make do with some fancy-schmancy jewelry doo-dads that generally don't pull half the heavy weight they do.
    The locking stitch markers will demand the respect they deserve.

  2. What is that they say about the Mother of Invention????
    I remember on a film job someone telling me that the True mark of a professional was the ability to improvise and still get the job done well.

  3. This is too funny. We are on each other's blogs at the same time. Thank you.

    I love the Lobster Clasp solution. Wonder if I can remember that for the next occasion when every locking stitch marker suddenly goes missing.

  4. of my other hobbies is beads/jewelry, and I've made a lot of earrings with leverback wires similar to this. When I can't find stitch markers, the earrings get subbed in. :)


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