Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Victory is MINE!

That's right, folks. I finished the Tour de Fleece in time.

Berry Patch- 6ply
Berry Patch- 6ply cu

Looks good, right? That's only half of the finished project- the other half was still resting on the bobbins. It's roughly 1200 yards of worsted weight, six-plied.

I had initially intended to do it as a four-ply, but at four plies, it was a sport weight:

Berry Patch- 4ply

So, six it was.

I know, I should have posted it on Sunday, but these pictures were taken under my new lighting. So, I've sacrificed a little timeliness for quality.

In any case, I can proudly don the following:

tourdefleece shirt

I've always liked yellow.


  1. holy moly, six ply?!!


  2. That is amazing. Your single ply must have been a thread. Really nice yarn.

  3. Too bad you can't *wear* yellow anymore. You can just pass that on over to me. Because god knows I can wear yellow... gah!

  4. It's beautiful! Congratulations!


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